Masturbation, Stofftiere, 17. Jhdt. Facebook und Dioramas

Mark Twain: On Masturbation.“ Homer, in the second book of the Iliad, says with fine enthusiasm, “Give me masturbation or give me death!” Caesar, in his Commentaries, says, “To the lonely it is company; to the forsaken it is a friend; to the aged and impotent it is a benefactor; they that be penniless are yet rich, in that they still have this majestic diversion.”[…] Robinson Crusoe says, “I cannot describe what I owe to this gentle art.” Queen Elizabeth said, “It is the bulwark of virginity.” Cetewayo, the Zulu hero, remarked that, “A jerk in the hand is worth two in the bush.” The immortal Franklin has said, “Masturbation is the mother of invention.” He also said, “Masturbation is the best policy.”

Die Künstlerin Wendy Tsao macht Stofftiere und nimmt Kinderzeichnungen als Vorlage.  „Each softie is an art project between me and the child, where I do my best to capture the spirit of the drawing in my unique way, to ‚breathe life into it‘ so-to-speak. The final result is my own genuine, heart-felt response to the joyfulness in the child’s drawing. A softie to be cherished for many years to come.“

Facebook ist nicht neu. Schon im 17. Jahrhundert gab es Ähnliches in gebundener Form. Mit Malereien von Tennisspielern und Liebesrätseln. „Often these books were kept up over decades, with their owners eagerly gathering inscriptions of those they met throughout their travels, and seeking autographs of the notables of their day. Through these inscriptions, they built relationships, documented their worldliness, and created an image of who they were through the people they had gathered.“

Dioramas sollen eine vergangene Wirklichkeit darstellen, sind aber eigentlich sehr morbide. „Yet something about seeing the Exhibit Museum’s wall of glassed-in, miniature Great Lakes dioramas made him think of death.“ „ How did dinosaur fossils, gems and minerals, taxidermied wildlife and indigenous people all end up in the same museums in the first place? More than unconscious bias mixes American Indians with apatosaurs.“

Über Karin Koller

Biochemist, Writer, Painter, Mum of Three
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