Santa Claus, Tower of David, Patronizing Pricks, Ocean Liner

Santa Claus kommt aus Holland über die USA nach Großbritannien, schon vor der Cola-Kampagne, und anfangs in grünen und violetten Mänteln. „Some of our juvenile friends think themselves slighted that we took no notice of their pastime of a like nature, namely, hanging their stockings up on each side of the fireplace,…, to see what Santa Claus puts into them during their slumbers.“  

Einige Szenen der Serie Homeland spielen im Tower of David in Caracas. Dieses unfertige Hochhaus wird „the tallest slum in the world“ genannt. „In this same way, the Tower of David has come to represent Venezuela as a whole. The Tower has a reputation for harboring the most dangerous of criminals; ironically, the inhabitants are drawn to the Tower due to its security. For them, the Tower is their part in the Bolivarian Revolution. Their way of life is a fight against the social parameters in which they are viewed as a dysfunctional community.“ Eine Fotostrecke.

Ein Mann erklärt einer Frau, dass es auch ein wichtiges Buch in diesem Jahr gab (im Gegensatz zu ihrem), meint aber ihr Buch. Warum gibt es bei Männern immer noch so wenige Hemmungen, Frauen klein zu machen? „Most women fight wars on two fronts, one for whatever the putative topic is and one simply for the right to speak, to have ideas, to be acknowledged to be in possession of facts and truths, to have value, to be a human being. Things have certainly gotten better, but this war won’t end in my lifetime. I’m still fighting it, for myself certainly, but also for all those younger women who have something to say, in the hope that they will get to say it.“

Eine Atlantikreise, ein kurzer Brief von Italo Calvino. „The only thing that you can glean from it is a definition of boredom as being somehow out of phase with history, a feeling of being cut off but with the consciousness that everything else is still going on: the boredom of Leopardi’s Recanati, just like that of The Three Sisters, is no different from the boredom of a journey in a transatlantic liner.“

Über Karin Koller

Biochemist, Writer, Painter, Mum of Three
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