Piercings, Menstruation, die Anfänge der Kunst und verschwindende Frauen

Septumpiercings, gedehnte Ohrlöcher, Labretpiercings. Bei den Mixteken Teil von Ritualen, aufgezeichnet im Codex Nuttall. „Such a visible and permanent body alteration would have considerably structured this person’s definition of himself, perhaps in conjunction with his age, gender, social status, and occupation. Reading the signs of past people’s bodily inscriptions offers important and insightful information about the social process and individual experience of constructing identity… Bodies, then, provide the grounds for how people define themselves, as well as how society perceives this identification.“

Menstruation – eines der größten Tabus der Gesellschaft. Niemand spricht öffentlich darüber. „As a teenager on the tour, “constantly staying in host families”, wearing “those little white skirts” on court, Croft was “so terrified of leaking” that her mum sent her “this hideous pair [of underwear], like a shower cap.“

Aufgrund der Abstraktion ist Kunst der Ursprung der Zivilisation. Seit 100.000 Jahren gibt es Kunstwerke, seit 40.000 Jahren Animation. „Artifacts like these seem rudimentary. But creating a simple shape that stands for something else—a symbol, made by one mind, that can be shared with others—is obvious only after the fact. Even more than the cave art, these first concrete expressions of consciousness represent a leap from our animal past toward what we are today—a species awash in symbols, from the signs that guide your progress down the highway to the wedding ring on your finger and the icons on your iPhone.“

Frauen verschwinden in der Geschichtsschreibung. Selbst wenn man sie sichtbar machen möchte, stößt man auf weitaus größere Schwierigkeiten, als das bei Männern der Fall wäre. „However there is no getting away from the fact that, despite one’s best efforts, there are some women who resist all attempts at discovery. One such is the rather mysterious ‘Mrs Alice Green’ who we come across in the intertwined stories of Emily Wilding Davison and Kitty Marion.“

Über Karin Koller

Biochemist, Writer, Painter, Mum of Three
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