Sprache für Sex, Suffragetten, Erinnerung an Verschollene und ein kalter Ort

Die Sprache für Sex ist nicht vielfältig, schillernd oder inspirierend, wie sie sein sollte oder könnte. War sie das früher? „try this: write down your personal dirty-word arsenal (every one you’ve ever heard, not even restricting yourself to ones you personally use), and compare it with the list of country line dance steps here. I promise that list 2 will be longer, and that for every word you wrote down, you’ll find a word on that list—a ‘botafogo’ or a ‘swivet’ or a ‘sugarfoot’ that packs more energy, more possibility and more pleasure than the overworked monosyllables we use for sex (and insults! As if they weren’t tired enough). Without taking anything away from country line dancing, it’s embarrassing that a dance taught I learned in P.E. has a better and bigger vocabulary than all of sex.“ http://www.theawl.com/2011/10/the-golden-age-of-dirty-talk

Anti-Suffrage Propaganda in Kinderbüchern. Das Lied „10 kleine…“ musste schon für eine Menge menschenverachtender Propaganda herhalten. „Nine little Suffergets, finding boys to hate, one kisses Willie Jones, and then there are eight.“

Ever present. Kunstwerke aus den Erinnerungen an die Verschollenen. „In Colombia, tens of thousands of people disappear every year. Colombian artist Doris Salcedo describes her country as ‘full of widows’. She gives an account of one widow who told her “how difficult it was to continue living with objects that are reminders of her husband. Every morning you open the closet and the clothing is there.”

Fotos von der kältesten Stadt der Welt.  „The streets were just empty. I had expected that they would be accustomed to the cold and there would be everyday life happening in the streets, but instead people were very wary of the cold. It felt extremely desolate. It wasn’t, but everything was happening indoors, and I wasn’t welcome indoors.“

Über Karin Koller

Biochemist, Writer, Painter, Mum of Three
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