Blumenvagina, Lebensaufzeichnungen, Arsengesichtspflege und eine Giftbibel

Wie stellte man sich Penis und Vagina vor, wie deren Zusammenspiel? Wie sprach man darüber? Inwieweit spielen diese Vorstellungen eine Rolle, wie Sex wahrgenommen wird? “Think back to the last time you heard a hymen or a scrotum lovingly described. Have you ever? There’s a lamentably utilitarian slant to the way we talk about genitals these days. Our language might be clinical or obscene, but it’s rarely interesting or companionable; one rarely hears the hymen described as “the great Clove Gilly-flower when it is moderately blown” (as Helkiah Crooke did in 1615) or imagines the cervix the way 17th-century midwife Jane Sharp did, as “the head of a tench, or of a young kitten.”

Junge Menschen verzeichnen ihr Leben in Social Media. Kein Grund für Untergang-des-Abendlands-Stimmung. „I got a tattoo when I was 19, and I’ve never regretted it. I never got the one I really wanted back then (it was a reference to Bright Eyes, another public figure constantly scorned for the emotions of his youth), and I think I regret the self-doubt and insecurity I felt about it back then more than I would regret the tattoo now. There is much about youth that should be forgiven, if not forgotten. But I think that adults might be better for it if they remembered, forever, how silly or passionate or serious or sad they may have been as young people. Whoever my young students grow into, I hope that they feel connected to the imperfect and unfinished people they are now.”

Seltsame Gesundheitsprodukte, die man 1902 bei Sears bestellen konnte. „These poisonous wafers were advertised as being “simply magical” for the complexion, their most striking effects “being brought about by their steady use.” They were guaranteed to improve “even the coarsest and most repulsive skin and complexion”—especially if you’re into the lurid pallor of death.”

Eine Bibel als Giftschrank:

Über Karin Koller

Biochemist, Writer, Painter, Mum of Three
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