Weibliche Genitalien, Donkey Ass, ein sterbendes Buch und Mutterschaft

Die Wunderwelt weiblicher Genitalien, von der Ente bis zum Wal. “Male genitalia come in all shapes and sizes, from modified anal fins to spiraling penises covered with hooks and spines. Eberhard wondered why and how this astonishing diversity had evolved. But he described the female equivalents as “relatively uniform,” a characterization that led other researchers to ignore them.” Aber er merkte bald, dass er falsch lag.

Woher hat der Esel seinen Namen (und der Hahn und der Hase)? Donkey wurde erst benutzt, als Ass zum Arsch wurde. „As the word for a common beast of burden began to sound like the word for buttocks—that is, it degenerated—other words stepped in. Burro was one, from the Spanish. Donkey appeared around 1785, derived from an origin lost in the mists of time — perhaps from its dun-colored coat, perhaps for its donlike qualities (?), perhaps for the name Duncan (??).”

Encyclopaedia Britannica, ein Nachruf: “Books left alone on shelves change in nature even as they stand still, and books of facts change more than most. The E.B. I own began as the world: to wander there was to wander in the world and all that it contained, passing by many things and places and people, coming to a halt at one or another thing without always knowing why. Those dons, scientists, clergymen, retired army officers, and others who wrote the entries didn’t share a single viewpoint, but they shared a belief in the solidity and explicability of the world they described. Over time, part by part, article by article, that world ceased to be the world and has become now a world, one that is unique and sealed at its ends but still virtually endless within: a gigantic fiction made of facts.”

Bilder über Mutterschaft, ohne Idealisierungen: “Midnight Milk, an expressionistic, almost surrealist exploration of her new life, in the months after she gave birth to her daughter. Using her own body as subject, Midnight Milk explores how the sudden presence of a baby changed the contours of her life; her biology, her mentality, her entire identity. „Having a child is a very invasive, intensely physical process,“ Sjøvold says. „But I didn’t see this around me. I was tired of all the happy stories about what a perfect thing motherhood is. I wanted to show the physical transformation and the inner ambivalence women feel as they try to find their own way of being a ‚good‘ mother.“”

Über Karin Koller

Biochemist, Writer, Painter, Mum of Three
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Eine Antwort zu Weibliche Genitalien, Donkey Ass, ein sterbendes Buch und Mutterschaft

  1. deutschlandssterne schreibt:

    Ich würde Ihnen ein Buch von Grit Scholz empfehlen „Das Tor ins Leben“. Es würdigt die Anmut und Schönheit der Vulva und spricht insbesondere Mädchen an, die Probleme haben ihre Scheide als zu ihrem Körper gehörig anzunehmen

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